A Taste of

Exceptional Smoothness

MERIDIAN V.S.O.P. boasts exceptional smoothness on the palate. Expertly crafted using French production (méthode traditionnelle), our brandy features a sophisticated, well-rounded flavor with a pleasant aromatic hint of pineapple. Aged four years, MERIDIAN V.S.O.P. is an excellent mark of superior taste for the new generation of brandy lovers.

Making Process

1st step

Fine selection of exceptional ingredients

Produced from Pattawia pineapples grown in Prachuap Kiri Khan Province—Thailand’s most famous pineapple-growing region—MERIDIAN V.S.O.P. stands proudly as one of the finest pineapple brandy’s in the world. Pattawia pineapples are juicy, sweet, and slightly sour, with golden flesh and a pleasant aroma. MERIDIAN V.S.O.P. combines these succulent Pattawia pineapples with top-quality grapes to create an exceptionally complex flavor.

2nd step

A Truly Authentic
Copper Pot
Distilled Brandy

MERIDIAN V.S.O.P. is distilled twice in a copper pot stills from France, creating a complex taste and aroma in a way that other metals cannot, while producing a pure Eaux De Vie with a distinctive smooth and rich fruity character.

3rd step

Aged in
French Limousin Oak Casks

To ensure its characteristic rich golden color and smooth aroma, MERIDIAN V.S.O.P. is left to mature for four years in casks made of rare Limousin oak from southwestern France. This type of wood is ideally suited for aging brandy because it produces a subtle vanilla scent while drawing out the sweet fruity characteristics from the oak cask.

And the last step

Master Blending

Our expert master blender creates the rich, distinctive taste of MERIDIAN V.S.O.P., which has become the brandy of choice for a new generation of connoisseurs.

Brandy V.S.o.p

Aged for four years

38 degree

700 ml. and 350 ml.

Every drop of Meridian V.S.O.P. signifies the beginning of a long, passionate journey. It awakens the senses and builds up expectation for a wonderful moment ahead. The rich layers of flavor from the maturation period, the fruity notes, and complexity, all sum up to bring you on an experience like none other.

Color / Taste / Nose

When light illuminates MERIDIAN V.S.O.P. , it is clear this is no ordinary drink.
Deep amber hues convey the richness of its flavours and promise cultured drinkers an experience to remember.